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Welcome to the resources pages. Here, you will find books, software, and other things to help you study the Bible more in-depth. If you have an idea for a resource please feel free to add a comment to this page so that it can be reviewed. Click on each photo to be taken directly to the purchase page.


This is a book that completely changed the way I studied. it gives step-by-step outlines on how to do proper hermeneutics with exercises to put into practice the things you have learned.

Gordon Fee does an excellent job taking the student from study to sermon manuscript. This book is especially helpful for the young man going into a full-time pulpit ministry. Fee covers how to trace textual variants and gives examples of Text Flow diagrams in both Greek and English. If you teach on a regular basis I highly recommend this book.

Authored by Douglas Stuart and Gordon Fee this book takes you on a journey of how to read the Bible in its context. The authors cover everything from the gospels to the wisdom and poetry books. An excellent resource for the laymen who wants a better understanding of how to properly read Scripture.


The Lutheran Study Bible is, in my opinion, the best study Bible on the market! It is unashamedly Confessional in its notes. It is chock full of maps, charts, articles, timelines, and thorough book introductions. Every book intro gives the theme of the book with key verses, occasion of the writing, and the historical background, which helps greatly with interpretation. Another great feature of the LSB is its proper division of Law-Gospel distinctions. These are marked with icons in the notes, which are to be found on every page. The LSB is highly recommended for those in a Confessional church.

The ESV Study Bible is another great Bible to invest in. Like the LSB, the ESV Study Bible has thorough book introductions with a timeline of the book’s historical setting and background occasion. The maps are full color and done beautifully and painstakingly drawn. The ESV Study Bible notes come from a Reformed perspective and gives an extremely high value to the interpretation of correctly exegeting God’s Word. Articles from general apologetics to the canon of Scripture abound, making this Bible a worthwhile investment for any Reformed student of Scripture.

Software (Paid)

Logos Bible Software is hands-down the best software on the market for Bible study. It has a hefty price tag attached but the higher base package you purchase the more you actually save. The software comes with tools, media, workflows, charts, and customizable guides. It has a robust note system and a library filtering tool to help you quickly locate any resource. See the video below for further details

Introducing Logos 8—Easier to use. More affordable. Faster than ever.

Accordance Bible Software started out originally for Mac. As the years progressed they began making a native Windows version for PC users. Accordance boasts a unique library, especially dealing with original language texts. Though not as feature-rich as Logos the amount of resources you obtain with a base package is still comparable. See video below for more details.

Software (Free)

For a price tag of free this software excels in the Bible study area. You are able to create and import your own modules, link commentaries with your Bibles, and create separate layouts for different types of study. These are features you would only expect to find in a paid software but are all freely available to the user. Besides the free modules listed on the site, separate users and lovers of the software created a second site to download hundreds of free books and resources. The Word also has paid add-on modules at a reasonable price to aid you in your Bible study.

2 thoughts on “Study Aids

  1. I want to thank you for this site and the information. I am in between churches because of this viscus , i was in a non church like a rick warren and finally left. I went back to my old church but they now love singing bethal music . But with all the stuff from long for truth, chris r. and steve k i fell spiritually stronger and alive. thanks again


    • Hi David,
      Sorry it has taken so long to respond; I work nights (very long hours) and sleep during the day so I’m just now seeing this. I am actually one-half of the Long for Truth team 🙂 and am glad sites like that and this one is helping you. Thanks again for the encouragement.


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